GNDEM с 251 организацией-членом в 89 странах и территориях и членами региональных сетей в Африке, Азии, Европе и Евразии, Латинской Америке и Карибском бассейне и на Ближнем Востоке / в Северной Африке работала над тем, чтобы облегчить и активизировать критическую работу гражданина наблюдателей за выборами во всем мире.

Последние истории успеха

Joint Communique on Co-operation between International and Citizen Observers

A Communique on Benefits of Co-operation between International and Non-Partisan Citizen Election Observer Organizations was launched at the Declaration of Principles of International Election Observation (DoP) Implementation Meeting in Brussels, Belgium on December 8, 2022. The joint communique notes that both international and citizen observation helps protect the rights of citizens to participate in genuine elections and that these efforts are strengthened when international and citizen observers co-operate. Continue Reading

GNDEM Special Note on UN Special Rapporteurs Statement Explicitly Recognizing Election Observers and Human Rights Defenders

The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights defenders and on the right to freedom and peaceful assembly and of associations issued a statement on 27 October 2022 explicitly recognizing citizen and international election observers as human rights defenders. This statement marks the first time election observers have been explicitly defined as human rights defenders, and comes in light of restricting space for and rights of election observers. Continue Reading

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