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GNDEM Expresses its Solidarity with Detained Observers in Azerbaijan

GNDEM expresses its deep concern with the detainment of citizen election observers from the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) in Azerbaijan. GNDEM stands in solidarity with EMDS and all nonpartisan civic actors who face threats to their security for safeguarding the electoral process, ensuring transparency and accountability, and defending the right of citizens to exercise their vote. GNDEM condemns all forms of threats, harassment and violence against nonpartisan citizen election observers. Continue Reading

GNDEM/RedOIE Statement of Solidarity with Citizen Observers in Guatemala

On June 25, Guatemalans went to the polls to elect their new president, Congress and local officials. Citizen observers representing several civil society organizations, including the Misión de Observación Electoral - Guatemala (MOE-Gt),  Mirador Electoral and the Plataforma de Mujeres Indígenas (PMI) monitored key aspects of the pre-election and election-day processes. Continue Reading

Comunicado de GNDEM/RedOIE en Solidaridad con Observadores Ciudadanos en Guatemala

El 25 de junio, las y los guatemaltecos asistieron a las urnas a elegir un nuevo presidente, congreso y representantes a nivel local. Observadoras y observadores ciudadanos representando a varias organizaciones de la sociedad civil, incluyendo a la Misión de Observación Electoral - Guatemala (MOE-Gt), Mirador Electoral y la Plataforma de Mujeres Indígenas, monitorearon aspectos clave del proceso pre-electoral y de la jornada electoral. Continue Reading

Joint Communique on Co-operation between International and Citizen Observers

A Communique on Benefits of Co-operation between International and Non-Partisan Citizen Election Observer Organizations was launched at the Declaration of Principles of International Election Observation (DoP) Implementation Meeting in Brussels, Belgium on December 8, 2022. The joint communique notes that both international and citizen observation helps protect the rights of citizens to participate in genuine elections and that these efforts are strengthened when international and citizen observers co-operate. Continue Reading

GNDEM Special Note on UN Special Rapporteurs Statement Explicitly Recognizing Election Observers and Human Rights Defenders

The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights defenders and on the right to freedom and peaceful assembly and of associations issued a statement on 27 October 2022 explicitly recognizing citizen and international election observers as human rights defenders. This statement marks the first time election observers have been explicitly defined as human rights defenders, and comes in light of restricting space for and rights of election observers. Continue Reading

GNDEM Statement of Solidarity over the Arrest of Citizen Observers of the Uganda 2021 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

GNDEM joins the call from Africa Elections Watch for the immediate release of detained individuals, noninterference in election processes by Ugandan security forces, and respect for the rights of independent and non-partisan election observers to monitor the electoral process as defined in the Declaration of Global Principles for Nonpartisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations (DoGP). GNDEM reiterates that nonpartisan citizen election observation requires respect for the freedoms of association and to seek, receive, and impart impartial information in order to promote credible, peaceful elections and advance electoral integrity. GNDEM stands in solidarity with Ugandan non-partisan citizen election observers in these challenging times. Continue Reading

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