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ADN Joint Statement on the Legitimacy of 2023 Cambodian General Election

The undersigned organizations express our profound concern over the upcoming election for the National Assembly in Cambodia, scheduled to occur tomorrow. We firmly believe that this election is poised to lack genuineness and meaningful electoral competitiveness, raising serious doubts about its adherence to democratic principles and international election standards. Continue Reading

PACE Myanmar Observes the 2020 Myanmar General Elections

Myanmar’s November 8, 2020 general elections, the second conducted since the military relinquished absolute power in 2011, were a significant milestone. They followed the 2015 elections, which resulted in the National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi, forming the first government in decades in which civilians have control over the majority of cabinet ministries. GNDEM member People's Alliance for Credible Elections Myanmar (PACE), the country’s largest local observer group, monitored the electoral process before, during and after election day. Continue Reading

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