Coordinating Committee Adopts Constitutional Protocols

During the Sixth Implementation Meeting of the Declaration of Global Principles, held in 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Coordinating Committee adopted the first set of GNDEM Constitutional Protocols, implementing new membership categories and criteria.

According to the new protocols, current and prospective GNDEM members must conduct activities around the electoral cycle on a regular basis, have monitored at least one election in the past 10 years and have published a report from their observation, have endorsed the Declaration of Global Principles (DoGP), and submit a financial report at least every four years.

New membership categories will also be established based on the criteria above: “full members” includes groups that have been accredited for three consecutive years; “associate members” includes groups that haven’t fulfilled the requirement of accreditation for three consecutive years; and “consultative members” are those who don’t meet the membership criteria but wish to contribute to GNDEM and are endorsers of the DoGP.

Accreditation Committee Releases Survey

Following GNDEM’s adoption of the Protocols, MOE Colombia - as the Chair of the Accreditation Committee - set out to build a comprehensive record of member organizations with the ultimate objective to establish a standardized accreditation process. MOE is currently surveying all current members, allowing the Accreditation Committee and GNDEM to know more about the organizations that are current members, understand their needs and capabilities, build a baseline for further comparison, and establish parameters from which to assess future applications from organizations seeking to be a part of the network.

This survey is being conducted by MOE through 2 questionnaires. The questions included were formulated in line with the requirements established by GNDEM’s Constitutional Protocols to be a member of the network. These questionnaires were sent out to all organizations that are currently listed as GNDEM member organizations. The first questionnaire was sent out within the period from November to December 2018. A second questionnaire was recently sent out to the same GNDEM members to be completed by the end of February 2019. Once the data collection process is complete, MOE Colombia and GNDEM will consolidate and report the general information gathered through these questionnaires to inform the process for the formulation of a standardized accreditation process.

For more information or questions, or for a full copy of the GNDEM Constitutional Protocols, please email [email protected].