Venezuela: Violence Erupts at Capriles Campaign Stop

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Wed, 2012-09-12

“Rival supporters in Venezuela's presidential election fought and threw stones on Wednesday before a campaign stop by opposition leader Henrique Capriles less than a month before an October 7 vote. In the worst flareup since the campaign formally began on July 1, some people were hurt and both sides blamed the other for the violence at the country's main port, Puerto Cabello. TV footage showed dozens of people running, while some hurled rocks. At least one car was set on fire...‘These acts are not spontaneous, there is someone responsible,’ the 40-year-old state governor told a rally after the clashes, blaming Chavez directly. ‘It is him, and I say this directly: it is you who wants this scenario, you who wants to spread fear, you who wants Venezuelans to continue fighting each other.’”

Photo credit: Reuters/Comando Venezuela