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Coalition for Free and Fair Elections - Pod Lupom Bosnia-Herzegovina, Central & Eastern Europe
Development & Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa
Fundación Movimiento por la Certidumbre, AC Mexico, Latin America & the Caribbean
Perpetuum Mobile- Institute for Youth and Community Development Bosnia-Herzegovina, Central & Eastern Europe
Posición de la Red de Observación Electoral de la Asamblea de Educación (AE) Venezuela, Latin America & the Caribbean
Acción Ciudadana - Mirador Electoral Guatemala (AC - Acción Ciudadana) Guatemala, Latin America & the Caribbean
Afghanistan National Participation Organization (ANPO) Afghanistan, Asia
African Initiative for Sustainable and Positive Development Nigeria
Ajial Association for Intelligence and Creation Development Iraq, Middle East & North Africa
Akad Cultural Institute Iraq, Middle East & North Africa
Al-Aman Association for the Care of Blind Females Yemen, Middle East & North Africa
Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development (Al-Hayat) Jordan, Middle East & North Africa
Al-Mashreq Al-Jadid Center for Studies and Research (MJD) Jordan, Middle East & North Africa
Al-Quds Center for Political Studies (Al Quds) Jordan, Middle East & North Africa
Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC) Albania, Central & Eastern Europe
Alhaq Organization for Human Rights Culture Iraq, Middle East & North Africa
Alianza Cívica (AC) / Civic Alliance Mexico 1994 Alianza Cívica
Alliance for Election Observation Nepal (AEON) Asia, Nepal 2013
Alliance for Finance Monitoring Uganda
Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) Jordan, Middle East & North Africa