Honduras Election Results Challenged

New York Times
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Sat, 2013-11-30

Photo Credit: Washington Post

“Xiomara Castro, the left-wing presidential candidate in last week’s elections, has rejected the official results and called on her supporters to march in the streets, adding new uncertainty to the country’s already polarized politics … She demanded a vote-by-vote recount from all 16,135 polling places in the election of last Sunday … With votes from about 95 percent of the polling places counted Saturday, the candidate of the conservative National Party, Juan Orlando Hernández, had more than 36 percent of the total, a margin of almost eight percentage points over Ms. Castro. But at the news conference on Friday, Ricci Moncada, Libre’s secretary for electoral affairs, read a list of alleged violations. She argued that the result for thousands of tally sheets did not correspond with the electronic results reported by the electoral tribunal … The voting was monitored by a number of international organizations, including the European Union and the Organization of American States. Those observer missions expressed concern about the voter rolls and the transparency of campaign financing in what the European Union called a ‘long, costly and unequal’ campaign, but concluded that the results were reasonably transparent.”